Join the Property Directors Forum 

– Giving a VOICE to Occupiers

What is the Property Directors Forum? An exclusive, invitation-only community of Occupier Property Directors with the following aims:

1.       Provide a VOICE for Occupiers – The Forum will become a vibrant self-moderated community of peers AND grow into a powerful resource that provides Occupier Property Directors with more of a VOICE to balance the landlord dominated landscape.

2.       Provide Foresight to members – Members will identify important trends and scan the horizon for future challenges and opportunities. The insight collected will prepare members to handle any threats and capitalise on any opportunities. It will add value to participants and enable them to add more value to their organisations.

3.       Provide the content to inspire, challenge and inform – Regular discussion and networking will be facilitated by a ‘closed’ LinkedIn Group. This will be supplemented by a number of exclusive face-to-face ‘learning’ events that will also build a strong sense of community and invaluable personal relationships.

The Forum is free from sales pitches and supplier marketing.

Be part of this exciting new movement in the property world by joining now by clicking the sign up button on the right.

The benefits of joining the Property Directors Forum

Membership of the Forum will provide a number of benefits for Property Directors. These include:

  • Access to facilitators/experts that help members to learn and who will stretch and challenge member thinking
  • Access to exclusive events that do the same
  • Access to an environment where Property Directors, or Directors in charge of property, can swap ideas, hints and tips and generally be exposed to the latest thinking
  • Access to content – possibly co-created – that adds value to members and their organisation
  • Access to the foresight to identify and define future problems/opportunities so that members can avoid them/get first mover advantage
  • Ability to aggregate the thoughts of members into a ‘single voice’ so that they are listened to in the market
  • Enabling directors to be informed about new legislation and risks that could affect their portfolios
  • Helping directors to communicate better with their boards and to have property more properly recognised as a contributor.

For time poor property directors the Forum represents a single source of information and peer networking that adds value to them as individuals and to the organisation they represent.