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Beware of Geeks Bearing Myths

At the PDF13 in June, discussion was lively around the topic “Beware of Geeks Bearing Myths!” with the primary focus on Wellness in the workplace. The key presentations were by Bruce Daisley, VP-EMEA Twitter and Dr Phil Hampshire, Founder, 3ADAPT.

Main Conclusions:

Advancing technology in our lives, both inside and outside the workplace, means we are permanently ‘ON’. The repercussions on our Wellness are becoming more apparent, indeed the Wellness agenda continues to evolve. At the Property Directors Forum, discussion focussed on influences on Wellness in the workplace, the problems created by being ‘ON’ and potential solutions.

  • A plethora of existing research and academic reports illustrate how influences such as light, air and temperature can impact productivity.

  • It’s not necessarily about needing more space but using existing space better.

  • Wellness is not owned within most companies so communicate and collaborate with HR, IT, architects, project managers and developers to create an integrated team, or appoint a ‘Wellness Officer’, and build in workplace Wellness from the start.

  • Learn from mistakes and challenge the standards – ask your workforce what they like and don’t like about their workplace to understand what is needed to be productive.

  • Be flexible with the workplace – understand that people have differences in why, how, when and where they work.

  • Understand the psychology of productive working – allow breaks, don’t always be ‘ON’, have a time and a place to switch ‘OFF’.

  • Make simple changes such as turning off Notifications on mobile phones.

  • Balance simple observations such as journey mapping by walking through your office to see if the right things are in the right places, with academic research.

  • If you make changes no one notices, if you don’t – everyone notices……

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